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BodyTalk therapy sessions are gentle, informative, non-invasive and highly relaxing.

Each BodyTalk holistic treatment is unique, tailored just for you and usually lasts 20-40 minutes. BodyTalk knows when and how to address your symptoms and when to refer you to other practitioners.

A subtle system of muscle testing is used to consult your body to find out what needs to be addressed. This ensures your treatment is exactly what you need at that moment in time to bring about the best results.

During the BodyTalk treatment you will be comfortably seated, informed of and involved in the treatment process.

Just as your body decides how and what will be addressed, your body will dictate when the treatment is complete and establish the best time for any follow up treatment. This includes further BodyTalk treatments as well as if there are any other health care professionals, such as your GP, that need to be consulted.


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